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Thursday, 18.Decembre, 2014

We are happy to announce that from the 1st of January,2015 a new  AME               Drª Ana M. Laranjo will start to work with us in the Aeromedical Centre/AMC  in Santa Barbara de Nexe near Faro. Appointments can be made under  Tel. 289 99 77 42 or 289 99 77 43  and under the   24/7/365 Emergency Line 00351-919 657 860

We wish to all our pilots, members of the crew and aviation friends a 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 !

Wednesday,  17. Decembre, 2014

Portugal has implemented as the second country after the United Kingdom the new regulations of the European Aviation Safety Agency / EASA on the 09.05.2013 !

This was a bureaucratic act. There are only little changes on the AME- Examination guidelines and procedures. The biggest change is that from 2015 the AME will issue the Medical Certificates. The Portugues Aviation Authority INAC will stop issuing the Medical Certificates and will stop performing pilot examinations in Lissabon. This means in our case that Dr Andreas Meszticzki at Riverside International Medical Centre in Santa Bárbara de Nexe will issue and sign all Medical Certificates mostly on the day of the medical examination.

At last but not least the good news is that the price for issuing the certificate will be included in the price of the examination which will be competitive. 

We also offer the newly introduced Medical Examination of the Cabin Crew which is also performed in our Medical Centre in Santa Bárbara de Nexe near Faro Airport.

We would like to recall that as a Vaccination Centre we offer and certify all necessary vaccinations to our Pilots and Cabin Crew as well.

Tuesday, 29.April,2013

The date of the EASA implementation has been extended by The Portuguese Aviation Authority INAC to the 08.06.2013. We will report any new changes.

24/7/365 Emergency Service Line  00351-919 657 860


We inform our Patients that the Medical Centre will be closed from the 27.Decembre,2014 until the 4.January,2015

In case of an Emergency please call our                                                           24/7/365 Emergency Line  00351-919 657 860

We wish all our Patients and Friends of the Medical Centre a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year 2015 !

Wednesday, 17 Decembre, 2014

If Your Car is worth Servicing, then So Are You ..!                              

At our Medical Centre we believe in maintaining good health,
always stay one step ahead. Treat Your body to an Annual  Medical!

This Spring we are offering a special Medical that is affordable to all our patients for just

                                           650 Euro

This specially designed Medical will include the following:

Consultation, Blood Test (blood picture, cholesterol, hemaglobine
glucose), ECG, Ultrasound, Blood Pressure testing, Cancer screening.
Please ask also at the reception for details of our complete program:                       well-women and well-men check.


Ihr Wagen verdient eine Jahresinspektion, warum nicht auch Sie.. !

In unserer Praxis glauben wir an Praevention und Vorsorge, daher empfehlen wir unseren Patienten einen jaehrlichen Check-up.

Fruehling 2015 bieten wir einen solchen check-up fuer jedermann erschwinglich an fuer

                                              650 Euro

Diese Leistung enthaelt: Eingehende Konsultation, Blutuntersuchung, einschliesslich Blutbild, Cholesterin, Haemoglobin und Zuckertest, EKG, Sonographie, Blutdruckmessung
Krebsvorsorge, Urin test.
Bitte fragen Sie an der Anmeldung nach dem Programm fuer umfassende
Krebsvorsorge fuer Frauen und Maenner.


Vai trazer o Seu carro para  inspeção anual? Porque não faz o mesmo para  Si.. !                 

No Riverside Centro Médico nós acreditamos que a prevenção faz parte da Medicina Geral e Familiar e não devia ser esquecida no Seu Programa de Rotina Anual!

Por esta razão nós oferecemos nesta primavera um “check-up”
que é realizado por 

                                           650 Euro 

Este check-up especial vai incluir o seguinte: 
Consulta médica, Análises clínicas (colesterol, hemoglobina, glucose
electrocardiograma, ecografia, rastreio de cancro).
Para mais informações sobre o preventivo detalhado de cancro de Senhora e Senhor por favor pergunte na recepção.

24/7/365 Emergency Service Line  00351-919 657 860

24/7/365 Linea Serviço de Emergência   00351-919 657 860